"Usha Projects (India) Pvt. Limited in its thirst to be a leading EPC contracting company is committed its never ending quest for improvement of its processes to enrich customer satisfaction"
Usha Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd is committed to achieve SHE- performance through:
  • Related Acts, Rules & Regulation of Safety rules, Health regulations & Environment acts.
  • Imparting Safe and Healthy environment for all its and other associated employees.
  • Implementation of rules to identify, implement, evaluate & monitor SHE -performance.
  • Continuous review to ensure that the order continues to be relevant and appropriate to the company.
  • Continual improvement of SHE -performance through set objectives and targets and prevent pollution.
  • Safe upkeep of all tools and machineries and conservation of natural resources.
  • Adequate and appropriate level of SHE-training.
The order is communicated to all its employees.

We value the employees and their health and safety is of utmost important asset to our progress and country’s prosperity.

The management and the employees consider themselves as a cohesive unit and accomplish the common goal of Safe , Healthy & Environmentally compliant area.