Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling(HDD) is a fast and cost effective technology to install product pipeline underearth obstacles such as river and road crossings,etc.

Depending on size of crossings, HDD systems have been developed in two size ranges.
  • Mini and midi systems for small diameter and small length utility installation purpose in urban environment. Usually, the drill unit is mounted on tracks, thereby, permitting mobility and ease of use.
    we are a pioneer in this segment of the trenchless industry in India and several mini and midi systems with pilling capacities ranging from 4 tons to 36 tons.
  • Large HDD rigs for long installation(up to 500m) and large diameter pipes(diameter greater than 300 mm).These rigs are technologically much more advanced and require in depth knowledge of the use of betonies slurry to maintain the reamed holes, for successful installations.

Our Services -

We offer complete EPC service for your projects including-
  • Project planning - Site investigation and design calculations.
  • Selection of right equipment and tooling for the job.
  • String preparation of the final product line - welding, non destructive testing, pre and post hydro test etc.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling.
  • Quality control.

Your solutions-
  • Installation of Iron Ore Pipe line work for BRPL in a time and cost effective Manner.
    E.g., Tomaka Railway, rivers, canal, NH, SH and major and Minor water logging area & Ponds for the said Pipeline project for BRPL.
  • Installation of optic fiber & electric cables in urban areas where surface disruption is not an option.
  • Installation of product pipelines through continuous rocky ground strata. Our company has expertise in mud motors for pilot hole drilling in such cases.
  • Installation of conduits through hills/mountains where normal ground tracking systems cannot be used. For these scenarios, our company has expertise in precision underground magnetic tracking devices which don't require any surface