We first go about soil sensitivity, soil conductivity, and interference of other structure, availability of power supply, accessibility, vandalism or other apprehensions, availability of right of way and purpose of the ground bed, beside budgetary provision available..

Accordingly, the CP system and the ground bed are designed. Obviously a choice is made between Galvanic CPS and impressed current CPS as well as the ground beds (a choice has to be made between conventional type, distributed anode type, deep anode type and sallow vertical type of ground bed).

Since the design is depended on power supply and beside other factors, client specification and budgetary factors, decision in the matter is presupposed and influence by the above factors.

Choosing a suitable power supply source has both cosmetic as well as utilitarian implication. Hence a choice of the source out of the nine different possibilities and combinations becomes mandatory. So also, the case with making a decision with regard to using the type anodes is equally a sensitive issue.

The whole activity has its capping with a suitable carbon-back-fill of the anodic holes;
since it serve three purposes-

  • Maintaining stability of excavated holes (When anode is inserted)
  • Serve as Primary reaction surface.
  • For lowering resistance-to-earth of the system.

Thus, a choice is made between metallurgical and petroleum coke.

Since serviceability of the system has long drawn implication, the design parameters are and their sensitivity - weighed, the system is meticulously laid and testing is made full-proof.

While undertaking CP assignments, UPIPL deals with preliminary ground data, deal in detail reports with regard to the soil-data, soil moisture, soil salinity, soil porosity, soil content and soil resistivity to electrical impulse. Then we interact with the client regarding the details of the system for which CP is intended, compile data about client specification, proirity, budget, etc to go head with the work, before all the above. We charge reasonably for the meticulous data analysis and design which needs to be approved with the client, along-side its budget for the project.

We have undertaken the job and delivered to the satisfaction of several clients.