USHA with its rich experience in pipeline system and engineering have designed one of its kind Lean Ash Handling slurry Pipeline at NALCO, Angul, Orissa. It is India's largest Ash slurry pipeline.

With the increase in the awareness for preservation of environment unpolluted by the populace and also due to enormous difficulties in arranging substantial lands for constructing ash ponds by power plants etc., It has been decided to utilize the mines voids created by excavation of coal by back-filling the mine voids with ash slurry generated by the power plants. This concept of back-filling the mines voids with ash slurry has generated lot of interest from the government, environmentalists and industries as well.

The concept bestows three fold blessings, one, to the populace as its completely avoids pollution, two, the power sector industries as it does not require huge ash ponds at regular intervals of time and three, to coal fields as it saves them from huge expenditure on mines void filling with sand. As such its no surprise, that this system has become mandatory with all the power plants.

Usha with its rich experience in EPC Projects of similar kind have been entrusted with the job of design basic, detailed engineering, procurement(supply),erection, testing, commissioning and operation of Lean Ash Handling slurry Pipeline at NALCO, Angul, Orissa which will transport the ash slurry from the power plant to the mines voids. The job involves construction of on line booster pump house, Intermediate Pump House, floating barge at mines end, Pump House at mines end for return ash water, water treatment plant, bridges, HDD boring jobs at railway and river crossing and operation of the system for one year.

We have our expertise in the following:-
  • Steady state and analysis transient.
  • Process design including selection of appropriate pumps, valves and control systems.
  • Detail design slurry preparation process equipments tanks, pump station, clariflocculators, chemical houses.
  • Control facility of the entire system with relevant aspects of wireless communication.
  • Fire and safety system.
  • Online monitoring system with OFC.
  • Process audits to improve system.
  • Design and process risk assessment.
  • Matching project cost estimation with lead time.

Usha Projects India pvt. Ltd is one point solution for the above/underground ash slurry transportation system from power plants to mines voids. With all the professional technocrats under one roof.